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linda 100Linda Sparks is fiercely committed to guiding growth oriented small and medium business owners (SBOs) to achieve their vision for increased sales, more ideal clients, and better cash flow… so they can achieve their business goals, enjoy more personal income, and retire well, sometime before they’re carried out of the place.

If you’re looking for a proven professional who can guide you and your team through the process of clarifying your business goals, turning your collection of marketing tactics into a scalable business development system, focusing on effectively attracting more of your ideal customers, and making sure you’re maximizing the return on all the money you’re already spending on marketing… you’ve come to the right place.

With 25 years of experience working with amazing clients with similar opportunities and concerns and guiding them to achieve remarkable success, my mission and commitment is to bring clarity to business growth.

“50% of my advertising is wasted money. I just wished I knew which half.”
David Olgilvy, Advertising Guru

My path to become a REALITY-focused Business Development Consultant was made clear to me in my late twenties when my front-line sales experience landed me in the business to business sector helping a national company make a direct entry into a new market.

Linda is a typical business coach…Said NO ONE EVER!

Beginning my love affair with business as a field sales rep, particularly in the business to business (B2B) sector provided a tremendous education in translating business growth strategy into bottom-line results. I was a president’s club performing sales rep because of my love for my clients and my uncanny ability to clarify their gaps and opportunities. Nothing was more important to me than understanding their business and how we could help them do their best work.

I consider myself a Performance Consultant in the purest form, always with a focus on helping others do their best work. In fact, while authoring my first book, Business Development is Everyone’s Business, I created the ASK WHY, performance management model to assist business owners in clarifying employee performance expectations. My personal mission (my why) is always…

“Helping you achieve what matters”.

151 Quick Ideas to Increase Sales by Linda SparksAnd I have been doing exactly that for these last many years. First in my role as a corporate sales consultant with Trans Union Credit Information (1985-1991), the founder-owner-BDEB by Linda Sparks & Kris Butleroperator of a training company, Performance Development Company (1990-2000), and now as an independent Business Development Consultant (since 2000) and author of two popular books on the topic of business development.

Clients and Collaborators say cool things about the impact my work has had on their life and business success. Here are a few.

“Thanks to working with Linda, we now have a real business development system that is sufficiently scaled to attract and serve enough clients to achieve our business goals…the approach embodied in the Bigger Vision Breakthrough Clinic allowed us to understand how staffing, customer, and workflow considerations could greatly influence our business development results.

cindy head shotWe are better aligned now than ever toward the bigger vision we have for our company. The Breakthrough Clinic was one of the best investments we made this year! It’s been a great ride! I especially appreciate the work accomplished around the topic of Owner’s Intent. Before participating in Linda’s Bigger Vision Breakthrough Clinic, I had never had the opportunity to see so clearly this big-picture view of what I really wanted for my business and myself as the owner…I am now able to check progress and edit as needed in the years to come. What a complete package she has given us to help keep us on-track to reach our sales growth goal!  After our first year end we are already seeing growth as a result of our investment. We are thrilled with the outcome so far!”

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“Linda has been able to create phenomenal marketing results for her clients! There is a lot of fluff in the marketing world and I see most of it, (tell me whatever you want, we are the ticketing company and I DO see the real numbers). That is why the results we receive from events Linda is involved with truly stand out. ”

John Haak, Extreme Tickets, ExtremeTix.com

“Since 2000, Linda and I have been able to effectively work with more than a dozen clients causing significant organizational change… Her constant creative energy has been a key factor in our ability to bring clarity to each project we worked on together. Whether with a multi-million dollar corporation, a small start up or a not for profit, Linda was able to help ignite a new dynamic for growth. I know if I have a critical situation that needs a thoughtful convener, I can count on her.”

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DMB Marketing & Management, Inc.

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