BDEB the Book

BDEB by Linda Sparks & Kris Butler
In 2000, I published my first book on the subject of Business Development…

Business Development is Everyone’s Business

A Motivational Guide to Getting All Employees Involved in Sales and Marketing

By Linda Sparks and Kris Butler

Six BDEB Principles

Image snip BDEB Linda SpeaksPrinciple 1
Maximizing your natural connections with the Five Groups  of Influence enhances business development.

Principle 2
A constant state of “sincere helpfulness” encourages service quality.

Principle 3
Knowledge of the primary channels of opportunity
can leverage business development resources.

Principle 4
Employees do their best work when they understand
how they impact organizational success.

Principle 5
Ongoing staff and work environment development increases organizational potential.

Principle 6
Valuing a variety of business development activities and results improves outcomes.

“BDEB is a practical way to enlist the support of all employees to increase your organization’s business success. It is not some hot new trend that will seep through your company only to be forgotten when the next hot new trend appears. BDEB isn’t a program -it’s a philosophy. In fact, it can’t be successful as a program, but rather a new attitude that prevails throughout the company. BDEB is about creating an environment for active listening, thoughtful questioning, and a solid understanding of your business’ expertise, which will lead to new sales and solutions to client or prospect problems. “