REALITY Based Systems

Business Growth Coaching

Keys to Business R.E.A.L.I.T.Y.


Your Business Development System Must Be RELEVANT to…Your business growth goals, Your chosen business model, Your ideal customer’s situation


Your Business Development will be More EFFICIENT When You…Take inventory of your organizational assets and put these assets to work helping you sell


Get Marketing Tactics ALIGNED Across Your Whole System for a Maximum Return on Investment. How does it help you attract ideal clients? Will it help you turn prospects into paying clients? What impact will marketing have on existing relationships?


LEVERAGE is critical when you want to get an exponential return on your marketing investments.  Tap into the interest already circling around your core topic, Plug into the momentum present in your community, and Look for the synergy in your own programs


Being genuinely INSIGHTFUL is always cool and it will…Position you as someone truly in-the -know, Cause you to be recognized as someone to be trusted, perhaps admired, and Significantly increase your chances of winning your customer’s business.


Attracting ideal TARGETS can simplify your marketing immensely.  Clarify your ideal clients, Recognize all you have in common with them, and Develop marketing specifically designed to attract your ideal clients


Getting to YES with adequate frequency is what a REALITY based approach is all about.  Know your Channels of Opportunity™, Measure what Matters, and then Commit to the breakthroughs you need to achieve your bigger vision

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I was at a roadblock, doing everything right, but not able to move my business to the next step. Linda Sparks quickly helped me focus my consulting business in a way I hadn’t been able to do before. She listens carefully and is able to draw out your own ideas…and put them into a format that builds a process you are comfortable with and able to implement. She is terrific to work with. I highly recommend her.   ~Dee Schiavelli, Results Marketing