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I have been providing one-to-one consulting engagements for as long as I can remember, and even with all the new methods of delivering resources, content, and coaching, there are still times when a traditional, one-to-one, customized consulting engagement is the best solution for accomplishing the project goals. I stand ready to provide a free consultation to any small business owner who has a business issue on their mind to discuss. It is truly one of my favorite things to do! If after the free consult, it makes sense for us to work together, we will develop a professional service agreement to map out the engagement. Simple as pie! Almost as good!

It is under this type of arrangement that many of my small business clients have brought me in to work with their not-for-profit Boards and special charity projects or events. My organizational skills and integrative approach are apparently universally applicable.

Image BVBC withLRS LogoBigger Vision Breakthrough Clinic (BVBC)

The Bigger Vision Breakthrough Clinic (BVBC) is my newest most exciting creation. What I’ve done is take the step by step process and tool kit I have been using effectively for years with my private consulting clients and turned them into an exclusive, self-paced program. This is an 8 week expertly guided coaching program, with the program materials hosted in a password protected, online website designed especially for serving up premium coaching and training materials. Action Learning Modules Include:

Owner’s Intentso you can gain clarity around your own bigger vision related growth
Ideal Customersso you can serve more of their favorites
Channels of Opportunityso you can show up in the right places to attract ideal clients
3-phase Bus Dev Systemsso you can scale your systems to match your goals, with special focus on bringing ALL the business assets you use to serve clients to bear on the attraction and conversion phases
Strategic RoadMapso you have a written plan to share your vision with team members and keep score
Big Ideasso you can find the synergy inherent in your own programs and accomplish multiple priorities simultaneously

So you can…Increase Cash Flow, Serve a higher percentage of ideal clients, Work toward achieving a higher business valuation, and Increase the potential to retire with an Income…Achieve your BIGGER VISION with the BVBC!

This Clinic includes: Action Learning Modules, Downloadable Resources, BVBC Private Website available 24-7, Live Stream Q & A Sessions, And Private Facebook Community

The Breakthrough Implementer’s Group 365 (BIG 365) is the perfect compliment to the BVBC. In fact, all Clinic participants will have the opportunity to experience BIG 365 as part of the clinic experience.

Linda 12-4-15smallVIP Work With Days

VIP Days are 4-8 hour customer intensives where I (Linda) meet with you and your team to work through some of the Bigger Vision Breakthrough Clinic topics or work-in-progress to dig deeper on any of the discovery, analysis or planning tasks. Outcomes for the day will be understood in advance and relentlessly accomplished. I’ll stay as long as you want… as long as you feed me occasionally. My goal is to help you get your business breakthrough!

Breakthrough Implementer’s Group 365 (BIG 365)

This is a 12-month, 365 day, masterclass offering available exclusively to those small business owners who have participated in either the Bigger Vision Breakthrough Clinic or my traditional Strategic RoadMap process. This is not a typical master mind group. This is business development consultant led group for serious implementers ONLY.  We will work together in small groups to implement, measure, and manage the business development programs created for you during our program development engagement. This one-of-a-kind program includes the following elements…and anything else we think of to help you achieve your bigger vision:

Small Group Coaching Q & A Sessions

Private Consulting Sessions with Linda (scheduled as needed)

Quarterly Implementer’s Lab Sessions where we meet in person as a group and accomplish some of our big stuff with the help of the marketing and business specialty partners

Private Facebook Group exclusively for BIG 365

Access to Consulting from Marketing and Operations Specialty Partners such as: Online Marketing, Website Development, Brand Identity, Finance and Accounting pros,

Presentations and Workshops

Tons of content to choose from… based on the topics of my 2 business development books  and the Bigger Vision Breakthrough Clinic. Many angles on the topics of business growth, sales, and marketing and variety of info sharing formats including action learning clinics, breakout sessions, and panel discussions. Let’s discuss your goals for the session or program and together we’ll come up with an approach that is sure to inspire your audience.

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