Are You Speaking Your Customer’s Language?

Speaking Their Language?

Many sales are missed because the sales person did not communicate with the prospect in a productive way. The solution may have been perfect, the pricing good, but somehow they just didn’t connect.

When you identify a new prospect or customer, ask them questions to determine their communication preferences. Do they prefer phone calls or e-mails? How hard is it to get a face-to-face meeting with them? Will they read detailed documents or should you focus on briefs and outlines? Do they return calls? If you are working through an administrative assistant you can ask about some of these things casually.

•    A customer that is known for reading and sending after hours e-mails is more likely to read longer messages sent later in the day.
•    A prospect that uses sight words to describe non-visual elements likely has a visual preference. (“you should have seen what they said” ) These people may do better with written communication to support all verbal interaction.
•    Don’t leave endless messages for a customer who isn’t returning phone calls. Try something different like sending a print document special delivery.
•    And, don’t forget to talk the language of their business, not yours.

Customizing communications will increase sales success!

Consider the communication preferences of your top three accounts and compare this to your routine methods of communicating.  Be sure to make notes in your strategic account profile about the communication preferences you uncover.

If you’re not talking with customers, does that mean your talking without them.  ~Linda Sparks

Customer Satisfaction Connects Us All

One way to be successful selling your service is to understand the customer satisfaction benchmarks facing your customers.  Stay with me now—this could be confusing.

You know who your prospects are, but now you need to explore their situation a bit more deeply. Who are their internal and external stakeholders that could be affected by your services? What satisfaction benchmarks already exist? Consider this:

•    A mother wants to plan a vacation that satisfies the interests of the entire family.
•    A purchasing agent needs a component that will fit seamlessly into the finished product.
•    A business owner wants to contract with an IT firm that can keep his expensive staff running at full speed without sending the CFO into budget overload and ensure that his external clients can access their on-line support tools 24-7.

Create simple tools that allow your prospects to gather and document the needs of their own stakeholders. Let them know that you understand their role and that you are here to help.

YOUR job is to help your customers do THEIR best work.                 ~ Linda Sparks

151 Quick Ideas to Increase Sales by Linda Sparks


This post is an excerpt from 151 Quick Ideas to Increase Sales

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